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You will learn:

  • Setting Up a Backdrop for Great Photos (I Share My Design Plans with You So You Can Build Your OWN Staging Wall!)
  • How to Stage your Furniture & WHY We Do This
  • The Best Lighting to Capture Your Photos and Why This Matters
  • How to Take Photos with a DSLR Camera AND Cellphone Camera
  • How to Properly Edit your Photos from Your Phone So They Pop!
  • How to Apply Your Watermark/Logo to Your Photos
  • How to Fix Mirror Reflections

How will all of this MAKE YOU MORE MONEY?! This course will pay in itself because people pay way more for well-photographed pieces.

Are you currently embarrassed of the photos you take of your products you’re trying to sell?

If you said yes, I’m not here to criticize. I was you. I took the horrible photos, I wasn’t intentional with it and guess what? People paid a lot less for my products because I didn’t respect myself enough to take the time to photograph and market my items well. Intentionally taken photos means that you treat yourself and your business with enough respect to take the time out of your day to REALLY try your hardest to showcase your work in the best way possible.

You only have ONE CHANCE and opportunity in this digital age to win someone over whether it’ll be a follower that’ll turn into a future sale, or a sale right now! You don’t want to repel people with tacky, poorly executed photos or else they will take one look at your brand/business and say “nah”.

Are you ready to make more money? I bet you are! ENROLL NOW!

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